Charlottesville Bucket list: Day 0

Six months from today, I will graduate from the University of Virginia School of Medicine.   It will be time to move on to residency – more on that later – and time to leave Charlottesville.  After 7+ years, this will be a tough place to leave.  The food scene and the arts, the apple orchards and the long hikes in Shenandoah National Park, the University…  A couple of months ago, I was running on fumes and letting my anxieties about deadlines, goals, and to-do lists overwhelm me.  A few cups of tea and one tough love therapy session later, I was kicking myself for wasting precious energy and time on being afraid.  Enters the Charlottesville Bucket List.  A compilation of favorite hangouts to revisit, activities to indulge in one more time, and still to be explored places.  A reminder to make every day count.  Six months to, as we say in the hospital, run the list.  Suggestions welcome!

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One Response to Charlottesville Bucket list: Day 0

  1. Annekathrin says:

    Looking forward to hear your stories.

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