The New York Way

I came to New York a week ago, feeling tired and largely unable to tap into the city’s energy like I always had on previous trips.   Yesterday, I was nearly swallowing tears on the way to JFK while not trying to barf – thanks to SuperShuttle van with no suspension + New York stop and go traffic.  I had convinced myself I had excellent reasons for not feeling thrilled about the city this go around: I was exhausted after three relentless weeks of cross-country interviewing, I was coming for job interviews (work) rather than tourism (fun), I was staying in a little studio all by my lonesome.

The late afternoon light today in the city was incredible.  Invisible hands had torn the clouds apart allowing the soft glow of the pink tinged wintry light to gently illuminate Manhattan.  From the Queensboro Bridge, the city stood in all its glory, building lights and Christmas decorations blending in with the pale sunlight.  I’m choosing to believe that this was the city’s way of bidding me goodbye; just like the five cents left on my MetroCard after I no longer needed it were a sign that my time in the city was ending.  From the back seat of the van, while crossing the East River and admiring the skyline, the word “possibilities” popped up in my mind.  Everything is possible in New York.  And that is what keeps me coming back to the city.

In seven days, I had turned possibilities into realities.

The possibility to connect, by sharing champagne cocktails with your bestie and the charming Argentinian man who sits next to you.

The possibility to grow your mind, discussing the future of health care with dedicated caregivers at some of New York’s finest Children’s hospitals.

 The possibility to disappear completely when crossing 5th avenue and 45th street with thousands of strangers on a Friday night just before Christmas.

 The possibility to feel your heart thumping, when Steve Kazee and the ensemble cast of Once sing their hearts out on stage and when Dan Stevens and Jessica Chastain take the time to chat by the stage entrance door after giving their all in The Heiress.

The possibility to expand your waistline, tucked away in the back room of Sfoglia, discussing global health with fellow job applicants at a rustic wooden table over rich parpadella bolognese.

The possibility to electrify your wardrobe and end up with a fuschia puffy down coat, after you spent ten years swearing you would never be caught in one (thank you Uniqlo for making them light, colorful, and form-fitting).

 The possibility to stretch out your love muscle to length you didn’t know possible, when saying goodbye to the friend-love of your life, over a cozy bowl of noodles and cheesy romantic songs.

 Thank you, New York City, for sponsoring Life and all of its endless possibilities.

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