Heart To Heart

I have a heart; it’s the only one I got.

Sometimes my heart is happy, sometimes my heart is sad.  Too often, it is hiding in a place I can’t access, perhaps in a tiny forgotten crevasse along one of my ribs or behind a dark cloud of self-deprecating thoughts in my mind.

Sometimes a word, a song, a hand on my shoulder or the smile on a face slowly bring my heart out of hiding.  Sometimes it comes out roaring like a starved lion and I cry.  I cry at the bar, I cry in the hospital hallways, I cry in my bed, I cry in nearby arms.  I don’t mind the crying.  The tears are words from my heart.

I have a heart and I’m gonna share it with you.  Because it is vast and beautiful and compassionate and curious and generous.  Because you have a heart too and it is just as vast, beautiful, compassionate, curious and generous.  Let me see your big, sexy, bold heart.  Let me learn from its wisdom and tend to it when it is injured.

Shine on, heart, shine on so darn bright that I can’t ignore you, dismiss you, or fear you.  So that I can follow you, share you, and grow you.  Because what matters to my heart is who I am.  And I’d like to know.

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One Response to Heart To Heart

  1. Annekathrin says:

    Beautifully said, and I miss talking to you. Let’s catch up soon. 🙂

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