Final Countdown

You may have noticed that there is little countdown widget on the right side of this blog’s  home page.  You may also have noticed that it’s been stuck at May 19, 2013 for 3 weeks and 1 day now.  I added the countdown when I started the blog; May 19 was graduation and incontrovertible evidence that my time in Charlottesville was coming to an end.  I started this blog to chronicle my last six months in Charlottesville.  I wanted to create a Charlottesville bucket list and blog about all the fun things to do around here, thereby creating one more set of memories to take with me.  Correction: I thought I wanted to write about Charlottesville.  I don’t think I’ve written a single post about Charlottesville.  Because it’s not really about Charlottesville, it’s about the people in Charlottesville.  It’s always about the people.  And there’s never enough time when it comes to the people you love.

May 19 came and went.  Graduation was a fancy affair, I didn’t expect anything less from the great university that is UVA.  In my oversized black polyester robe, I hugged my parents, who had traveled 3,500 miles to be here on that day and had stood steadily by my side for 30 years so I could walk across that stage and finally grasp the magnitude – or insanity – of what I had accomplished in my eight years here (Master’s, Ph.D., M.D.).


Then came a deluge of paperwork, pre-entrance shots, and training modules ahead of starting residency on July 1.

Then came the boxes, the piles of shredded documents, the bubble wrap, the circling of my calendar with a move out date.

Then came the movers.  It took them two hours to haul out 8 years of life.

And I’m still here, waiting until the last minute to drive out.  Home-less yet home-full, with keys to dear M’s house, my darling’s house, and wifey-love’s house (she’s back!!).  Heart full of sorrow and yet full of love.

7 days left in Charlottesville.  It’s about time to start writing about Charlottesville.  Yesterday wifey-love and I made a mini bucket list for the week.  Each day this week I will visit a favorite place or eat at a favorite restaurant or drive down my favorite country road and write about it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta get started. 

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2 Responses to Final Countdown

  1. Corinne says:

    Enjoy Charlottesville! Live it up! So many memories, so fun…. It will be sad, but I hear Nashville is a great place and think of all the new places to explore and memories to create there!

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