Tour de Cville: Bang! Bang! (Day 3/7)

Visiting my favorite Charlottesville spots before heading out of town for new adventures. 

Day 3/7: Bang! Bang!

There are many excellent places to eat in Charlottesville, a town fit for foodies of all nations.  But there is only one place in Charlottesville where one can drink a Panty Dropper with a side of pulled pork tacos with wasabi slaw.  That place is Bang! – where the waitresses wear tank tops that read “Keep Calm and Bang On” and the number of Anthropologie outfits almost top the number of Tanqueray bottles.

Just off the downtown mall inside an old house, with a front porch and a back patio and a bar that glows red at all hours of the evening, Bang! is my jam.  I don’t remember the first time I went there, but I have been there many, many times.  With my parents, with Former Husband, with past lovers, with my darling, with Dear M, on new year’s eve, for a friend’s send-off, to celebrate Match Day.  I have been there during my teetotalling years (for the food) and during my I’ll-have-another-one-please-and-thank-you years (for the martinis … oh and for the food, too).  Mostly I have been there with wifey-love and J.  It’s our go-to place, where we cry a little, laugh a lot, drink too much, and inevitably ask of each other: “how’s your heart?”  I drink The Sin City (berry vodka, pomegranate liqueur, with berry puree and a splash of lemon juice), J drinks The Joe (gin, ginger simple syrup, fresh cran and a hint of Chambord) and wifey-love drinks whatever she feels like because she’s not afraid of trying new things like the rest of us.  Yesterday however, I put my glasses down and started with a Girls Revamped (pomegranate liqueur, peach puree, and Champagne), because it’s light and sweet like a hot summer day and also because it was a Wednesday special (a perfect night to go where you can order a selection of items from the regular food and martini menu at $6 a piece).  It was 90F outside and rivulets of sweat were running down my dress after about 2 sips.

We ordered our usual foods (kale tortellini with sambal brown butter); we ordered new foods (goat cheese dumplings with cilantro sauce).  Mostly, we basked in the comfort of the familiar.  We took silly pictures.  We instragramed them.  We talked a little louder than necessary.  We swayed a little on our way out.  We group-hugged on the porch.

Good bye Sin City, good bye tuna sashimi mango spoons, goodbye booth in the left corner by the window, good bye porch with the pebbles and wobbly chairs.

Thank you for the precious memories.

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