The Small Things (NaBloPoMo Day 6/30)

I saw a lot of goodness today.

Today I did things that are essential to my development as a resident and my resilience as a human being. Things that don’t always get recognized as essential; things that I rarely have time for. I went to counseling and dreamt big about career possibilities (they are endless). I spent 20 minutes outside in the sun surrounded by a ballet of orange leaves and took a few deep breaths – and stumbled upon some very big words (see below). I bought an Elmo balloon and paraded it around the hospital. I went to see a patient who has been in the hospital a long time and watched him hug the Elmo balloon. I sang happy birthday to him alongside his family. I was hugged. I watched a parent read to their child while they were waiting for me.

I felt a lot of goodness today. I know it is around us everyday, but we don’t always shift our focus and allow ourselves to receive it. However if we set intentions – for me, writing daily about the things that build me up and crush me – if we dedicate just a few minutes each day looking for the goodness, we find we don’t have to look very far. It is already there. All around. All the time.



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