This Modern Love (NaBloPoMo Day 11/30)

This week’s column in the Modern Love section of the New York Times is just lovely.  In a short video entitled Broken Heart Doctor and its companion column, Nursing a Wound in an Appropriate Setting, a New York pediatrician talks about being the healer and the one being healed all at the same time.  About being in a place of “simultaneous suffering” – the hospital – and experiencing the many facets of grief and suffering, heart first.

“I think I have a much stronger heart than I had. It’s hard to know sometimes as a doctor when you see a family really suffering whether it’s ok cry. And now with more experience and having been in the situation, I know professionally that is it the right thing to do to let people see that side of you and let them know that you are human. It makes them feel like you’re really there taking care of them.”


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