About this blog: 

A place to dream and reflect, ponder and dissect, but mostly a structure to write.

About me:

I am French.  I eat lots of Nutella.  I don’t drink wine.  I love to travel but don’t know how to pack a small suitcase.  Training to be a physician-scientist.  I will always experiment with my hair.  Theater geekery is my night job.  Yoga addict.  I like small cars.  Ryan Gosling is gorgeous.  The National‘s music is the score of my life.

You only get one life, so be present, be generous, be kind, be yourself.

Big transitions are on the horizon.  Becoming a doctor, coming to terms with being thirty-something, embracing singledom, and coming to terms with leaving my beloved Charlottesville.  It’s time for this dandelion to be swept by the wind and take root exactly where is is meant to.

Life update #1:  I am a doctor now, even though most days I still don’t feel like one.  Residency is a completely insane ride.  I try to keep my hands on my stethoscope at all times, but sometimes I don’t and doodle and cuddle with the sweet wee peanuts who come to see me instead.

Life update #2:  I have left Charlottesville and landed in Nashville, aka Nashvegas, aka Music City, aka a pretty darn fun place to be.  If you click the above link right now, you will see an uber picture of Keith Urban. Yep, that is where I live now.  Thankfully, the music scene is so much more than Country.  The National was here in September.  All is well.

Life update #3:  I drink wine now. Well, only white wine. But that’s a mighty fine start.


2 Responses to About

  1. Paul Dawson says:

    Hey – Paul here – this is really nice!

  2. Thank you for dropping by Malcolm’s Corner and liking ‘Laughing at Cancer’.

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