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Everything Is Illuminated

Whenever I go to yoga, I face the same question.  To wear or not to wear my glasses, that is the question.  To see the teacher’s graceful demonstrations of various poses, or to squint and attempt my own semi-artistic renderings. … Continue reading

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Open Heart Surgery

Yesterday was a dreary day, the skip work and curl up on the couch with a tattered copy of War and Peace and a steaming mug of tea kind of day.  There is no skipping work for funsies when one … Continue reading

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NaBloPoMo — Go

NaBloPoMo.  It sounds like alphabet soup.  No wait, that’s the name of my future cancer ass-kicking kid musical – but more on that later.  NaBloMoPo.  It sounds like something I  would coo at a wee patient wearing one of those … Continue reading

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All In The Family: Giulio’s Tuscan Sanctuary

Part Four of reflections on recent Italian travels.  (For Part Three, go to Genova) When I was younger, I always planned my travels to the last detail: every hotel night, every sight to be seen, every food to be tasted. … Continue reading

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Holding Pattern

You’re picking someone up at the airport.  You’ve checked the status of the flight online, you’ve arrived at the terminal right on time, but your person is not standing there on the curb at the ready.  Curbside parking, of course, … Continue reading

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