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Everything Is (still) Illuminated

Many (too many) weeks ago I wrote about practicing yoga with my eyes closed.  About how there is more to any of us than that which meets the proverbial eye.  About the wondrous findings we discover when we journey inward.  This week … Continue reading

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Ask the right question (NaBloPoMo Day 4/30)

“Have you seen my [Nintendo] DS?” Some patients take “do you have any questions for me” very seriously when they come to clinic.  They have a list.  They take notes.  Others stare at you blankly, overwhelmed by what they have … Continue reading

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NaBloPoMo — Go

NaBloPoMo.  It sounds like alphabet soup.  No wait, that’s the name of my future cancer ass-kicking kid musical – but more on that later.  NaBloMoPo.  It sounds like something I  would coo at a wee patient wearing one of those … Continue reading

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Heart To Heart

I have a heart; it’s the only one I got. Sometimes my heart is happy, sometimes my heart is sad.  Too often, it is hiding in a place I can’t access, perhaps in a tiny forgotten crevasse along one of … Continue reading

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Come What May

In the movie Moulin Rouge by the visionary Baz Luhrmann – visionary if you discount Australia – the penniless writer Christian (Ewan McGregor) and the courtesan Satine (Nicole Kidman) fall in love to the sound of a Beatles/Phil Collins/U2/David Bowie/Dolly Parton/Elton John … Continue reading

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The New York Way

I came to New York a week ago, feeling tired and largely unable to tap into the city’s energy like I always had on previous trips.   Yesterday, I was nearly swallowing tears on the way to JFK while not trying … Continue reading

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